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Jackie’s work explores her interaction with the environment and investigates the way we shape, use, and view the land. Her work is driven by the experience of a landscape and she will spend time outside sketching and recording information to bring back and develop work in the studio. Jackie has been influenced by a previous career in land use/housing research as well as family seaside holidays as a child, a love of coastal walking and her felt experience of freedom in the outdoors. She has a fascination with the edges of places – often where the land meets the sea, a liminal space of uncertainty and potential, free from the normal rules of life. 

Jackie’s printmaking, painting and site-specific work considers these experiences of place, and she often works with local materials to co-create with the environment, using elements such earth pigments and seaweed.

Jackie graduated with a first in Fine Art in 2018, has exhibited in shows around London and has work held in private collections in both the UK and internationally. She is an Associate Printmaker and part time tutor at the Art Academy London, a keyholder at Oaks Park Printmakers and a member of the Printmakers Council and ArtCan.

For commissions and enquiries about works please contact me at

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Beware Falling Chalk
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